How do you clean my gown?

We carefully hand clean every gown in an environmentally friendly manner. This process dissolves the stains on your gown. Then we rinse your gown with our special formulas until your dress is completely clean.

What is preservation?

After your gown has been cleaned and inspected, it will be carefully packaged in 100% acid-free tissue in a museum quality wedding chest that will protect your gown from environmental conditions that will cause your gown to yellow.

Why is your process different from others?

Our certified professionals carefully clean every gown according to the type of fabric it is made from. Your gown is cleaned individually and never with any other garments. Also, many locations ship gowns to be cleaned at other locations. We clean your gown on-site here in Vancouver. 

Is your  Gown Preservation Chest Different that others?

The main difference is that we do not vacuum pack our gowns and seal the box.  This is because the fabric needs to breathe. Secondly, our special Museum Care™ wedding chest is 100% acid-free (not just pH neutral). Ordinary boxes and tissue are heavily acidic. This type of tissue yellows the fabric and may leave dark brown streaks wherever the fabric touches the box. 

Can I see my gown when it is in the wedding chest?

Yes, you can see your gown through an oval window made of a special polypropylene. Polypropylene is an inert plastic that will not yellow or damage your gown.

What else can I preserve with my gown?

You can preserve a headpiece, a veil, a petticoat, gloves, a garter, or even a handkerchief with your gown.  Shoes should not be stored with the gown because fumes from the leather and glue could cause damage.

What if I open the chest and take out my gown?

This is not a problem. We are happy to help you repack the gown in your preservation chest.  If you wear it and if it is soiled, it should be re-cleaned and properly preserved.