Each dress requires individual attention. For wedding dress cleaning, we inspect each layer of the dress for the tiniest stains and then we gently hand clean it. Afterwards, we steam and press your dress and provide one final inspection. The result is a dress that looks and feels like the wedding dress you wore on the big day.



Wedding dress restoration is similar to the methods museums use to store and care for their delicate clothing. Each item is cared for individually, by hand, in a gentle bath and is never mixed with another item. This is important as every restoration project is unique and requires great attention to detail. These gentle baths help to restore the original colour of the garment. Afterwards, we steam and press the gown to restore the original shape of the garment. 



Wedding dress preservation protects your dress against yellowing and long-term damage by carefully packing it into our 100% acid-free Preservation Chest. The preservation chest is matched to the size and style of the dress. It also has an acid-free window so that you may view your gown at any time. Packed between the folds of your dress will be a special tissue paper to keep the gown from creasing. We also include a pair of white cotton gloves, a written warranty and a sheet of written instructions should you have the need to open the chest, handle your gown and store it again for future use.


 WEDDING DRESS Alterations

Most wedding dresses will need professional alterations and we do all of our fittings by appointment so that we can provide you the personalized attention you deserve. From minor mending to re-sizing the dress and modifying the style, we will work with you to achieve the look that you’ve always dreamed of having on your wedding day.