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There are several wedding dress cleaners in Langley. Over the years, however, brides have travelled over 50 km from Langley to our store in Kitsilano to dry clean their wedding dress.


My Tuesday Wedding continues to be the only dry cleaner in the Lower Mainland that is a member of the Association of Wedding Dress Specialists. We also use techniques that are identical to those employed by the Smithsonian Institute in their Preservation of Textiles Division. More importantly, we are the only company in British Columbia that is authorized to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on restoration.

Still not convinced? Here are three more facts to persuade you.

Langley’s Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Specialists

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FACT #1 - My Tuesday Wedding has professional policies

We understand that wedding dress preservation and standard dry cleaning are not the same. To clean a wedding dress, My Tuesday Wedding creates a specialised treatment plan that is specific to the dress design, fabric and its stains. We also use a virgin solvent to ensure that deposits are not left on the dress.

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FACT #2 - My Tuesday Wedding gives the full package

Wedding dress cleaning also involves wedding dress reparations. If there's a tear in the dress, My Tuesday Wedding will be sure to fix it before undertaking any treatment. We also ensure that all stains are treated before a wedding dress gets a full, deep clean.

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FACT #3 - My Tuesday Wedding never sends your dress away

Some dry cleaners send your wedding dress to other locations for cleaning. My Tuesday Wedding never sends your dress away. We perform all cleaning in-house and take full responsibility for the dress and its care.

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