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There are several wedding dress cleaners in Surrey. Over the years, however, brides have travelled over 30 km from Surrey to our store in Kitsilano to dry clean their wedding dress.


Despite being located in Vancouver, My Tuesday Wedding is your best option for Wedding Dress Cleaners in all the Lower Mainland. Still not convinced? We'll persuade you using three simple facts.

Surrey's Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Specialists

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Fact #1 - My Tuesday Wedding is expertly trained

My Tuesday Wedding continues to be the only dry cleaner in the Lower Mainland that is a member of the Association of Wedding Dress Specialists. Our membership means that we are expertly trained in the art of wedding dress cleaning, preservation and restoration. Our expert training allows us to be attentive and dedicated wedding dress cleaners who will restore your dress within an inch of perfection.

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Fact #2 - My Tuesday Wedding uses certified practices

We use certifiable practices and procedures for gown cleaning and preservation. These techniques were learned through a combination of specialized training classes that are identical to those employed by the Smithsonian Institute in their Preservation of Textiles Division. This training allows us to treat delicate wedding dress fabric with the care and attention it deserves so that is preserved for the rest of its life.

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Fact #3 - My Tuesday Wedding can give a lifetime guarantee

We are the only company in British Columbia that is authorized to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on restoration. This means that when we restore a wedding dress, it will continue to maintain its beauty and glow until it is used again. Given this fact, My Tuesday Wedding should always be your #1choice for wedding dress cleaning and restoration.

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