26 Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics (Part 2)

We compiled a list of the most popular wedding dress fabrics. Are you ready for another 13 of them? Then let’s get to it.

Brocade - Brocade is known to be synonymous with luminosity and royalty. Considering it's your wedding day, we couldn't think of a better fabric. The only problem is that brocade can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear. As a result, most brides also use a lining to reduce discomfort.

Chiffon - This thin, lightweight and sheer fabric is a favourite choice for many wedding dresses. However, it can pull and snag easily. More importantly, it's dry clean only.

Damask - Damask is a reversible fabric that you can wear on both sides. It also has low absorption. This means that water often sits on the surface. Also, shaking and dusting damask allows it to sheds dirt easily.

Dupioni - Lustrous, heavy and thick, dupioni is the kind of fabric you'll want to wear in winter. Use this fabric when your wedding destination or venue has colder temperatures.

Georgette - The words lightweight and sheer come to mind when we think of the georgette fabric. Its traits are very similar to chiffon. However, Georgette fabric is springier and more matte than chiffon fabric

Lace - Lace is a wedding dress favourite. It's elegant, drapable and has the most intricate designs. The only problem is that it's expensive, dry clean only and is one of those fabrics that can snag and tear very easily.

Organza - Organza is prone to wrinkling. As a result, you'll be seeing creases after a few hours sitting in the dress. On the other hand, it's light, airy and delicate and perfect for the whimsical, princess bride.

Pique - One of the more durable fabrics. Pique launders well in comparison to other fabrics on this list. Unfortunately, it also wrinkles easily and sadly, shrinks when exposed to heat.

Rayon - Rayon is soft, anti-static and biodegradable but it's susceptible to mould and mildew and shrinks in water. Yikes!

Shantung - Shantung is a crisp and lustrous fabric. However, be careful around bleach as shantung will yellow upon contact. It's also prone to oxidation and has poor resistance to sunlight.

Taffeta - It's durable, it's lightweight and it creates volume. Unfortunately, taffeta is a high maintenance fabric. It's also prone to creasing and not very breathable.

Voile - If you want a billowy fabric, then look no further than voile. Plus, it's lightweight and breathable. The downside is that it wrinkles easily, doesn't stretch and burns quickly.

Zibeline - It's a little rigid, but zibeline holds its shape very well. Not to mention that it's strong and soft. Another note: This is another dry clean only fabric.