A New Beginning

My Tuesday Wedding has always cleaned wedding dresses but everything changed in 2008 when we decided to take our services to the next level.

That summer we went to Boston to the the Association of Wedding Dress Specialists to receive specialized training in the cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses.  The methods we were taught are identical to those employed by the Smithsonian Institute in their Preservation of Textiles Division. After we completed the course we received our certification. 

Since then, we have been able to provide the most complete knowledge of cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses. Many of our customers are multi-generation Vancouverites while others are members of out-of-town- wedding parties from many destinations.

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Tuesday Promise

Our vision is to provide excellent customer service. In doing so, we promise:

Mission #1: To surpass all cleaning challenges
We ask detailed questions and gather all relevant information, then we provide a comprehensive breakdown of the services needed. 

Mission #2: To meet the needs and expectations of our customers
We want your wedding dress to look as close to new as possible and to sparkle like the day you first laid eyes on your special dress. 

Mission #3: To ensure your order is always ready when promised
We provide an estimated ready date and time and we stick to it. If a dress proves harder to clean than usual, we always update the customer on delays.

Mission #4: To provide excellent quality control
We maintain excellent standards so that each dress comes out looking right every single time. 

Our Expert Team

Lesa (Manager)
Lesa Diehl leads the team with 35 years of experience. She is at the helm of the cleaning service we provide. 

Sara (Assistant Manager) 
Under Lesa's training, Sara is able to provide technical knowledge of wedding dress cleaning and preservation.

Jin (Seamstress)
Jin is our master seamstress. She alters your wedding dress for that the perfect fit. 

Jaspreet (Head Presser) 
Jaspreet knows how to press any fabric. Years of experience have given her the skills to ensure your dress is perfect for your big day. 

Rajwinder (Presser)
Under the expert eye of Jaspreet, Rajwinder assists with the steaming and pressing of the wedding dresses.