Top 10 Questions to Ask A Wedding Dress Cleaner

You just had the most amazing day of your life and now you’re married to the partner of your dreams. Now what? If you’ve taken a peek at your wedding dress, then you might have noticed that it doesn’t sparkle as it once did. Look closely and you might find a food, drink or even a sweat stain. It’s time to find a wedding dress cleaner. As you begin your search for the best person to do the job, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. In order get the best possible cleaning, ask the following questions before you commit to anyone:


1. Do you specialize in cleaning and preserving wedding gowns?

You’ll want the answer to this question to be an enthusiastic and definitive “Yes”. Your dress was a memorable part of your day and it should be cleaned by someone who will treat it as such.


2. Have you and your staff been specially trained by an association?

You get one shot to have your dress cleaned properly. Don’t waste your time having your gown cleaned by an amateur. It should be cleaned by someone who is certified and well trained.


3. How many years have you been in the business of cleaning wedding gowns?

Years of successful operation equate to years of knowledge and experience. The more years your cleaner has devoted to the craft, the more likely they are to get it done right.


4. What kind of solution will you be using on my dress?

It’s important to know what products your dress will be exposed to. The solution needs to be effective but gentle so that you maintain the structural integrity and shape of the dress.


5. What precautions do you take when handling the solution?

If the solution is environmentally-friendly, then handling of it should be easy. However, if the solution poses a risk to the environment then you may want to know how they dispose of it.

6. Can you guarantee that this solution will work on my dress?

Not all wedding dresses are created equal and neither are the solutions used to clean them. Ensure that whatever solution a cleaner uses on your dress is perfectly suited for the fabric and the individual stains.


7. How will you package my dress after it has been cleaned?

When packaging your newly cleaned dress, it’s important that your cleaner uses an acid-free preservation chest and tissue paper. If not, the dress runs the risk of yellowing over time and undoing the work you just paid for.


8. What precautions do you take when packaging my dress?

Wedding dresses are sensitive to environmental conditions. Ensure that the chest is breathable so as to decrease humidity. Also be certain that the tissue paper is placed carefully in the folds of the gown to prevent creasing.


9. What are the benefits of packaging my dress this way?

If your dress is packaged the right way, then it will be preserved for the rest of its life. You’ll be able to take it out of its chest and admire it when you’re feeling nostalgic and even gift it to your daughter or granddaughter in the future.


10. Will the cleaning and packaging guard against future stains?

Your cleaner should always provide you a complimentary pair of gloves to handle your dress when the need arises. As long as you continue to use these gloves when you take out your dress, then no other stains should appear.


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