Trash or Treasure: A Look Inside the Newest Guilty Pleasure

Some brides would never allow even an inkling of liquid near their dress. Others, on the other hand, are taking a deep dive into the water with theirs. This new phenomenon is affectionately called “Trash the Dress”, “Rock the Frock” or “Free to Flaunt” and it’s most definitely making waves...literally.

This might have you scratching your heads, but allow us to explain. Your photographer might suggest some out-of-the-ordinary, creative wedding photos. Perhaps they’ll ask you to trek down a muddy nature trail or jump into the ocean or even start a food fight.

Although a fun and memorable activity, these photo sessions essentially put your dress at risk for emergency treatment. With that said, if you treasure your dress as memorabilia but are also strangely intrigued by this activity, then read on. Because we’re looking at all the various considerations and implications you’ll need to take into account before the big day.

  1. Food

    If your wedding photos involve smashing cake in your spouse’s face then go right ahead. Gown specialists are used to cleaning food and drink stains out of dresses. Just make sure that you forewarn your cleaner in advanced that this will require heavy duty cleaning.

  2. Water

    This is possibly the most dangerous substance of them all. In fact, if your dress is composed of natural fibres, then stay away completely. Silk, cotton and linen will shrink if you take a dip in the sea. If, however your dress is made of polyester, you can definitely get away with it. Happy diving!

  3. Paint

    If you and your loved one plan to create art on your wedding day, then might we suggest water based paint? This type of paint can be washed out of fabric. Unfortunately, any other dye will soak into the fabric and permanently discolour it. In short, if you plan to wear your dress again, then you’ll be wearing tie-dye.

  4. Dirt

    There’s something really romantic about nature that has everyone trekking outdoors in their gowns. Not to worry though. Any specialist should be able to remove sand or soil residue easily. It’s one of the more common stains they encounter.

So, what do you say? Will you be trashing the dress on your wedding day? Let us know.

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