Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress: Why You Should

Everyone keeps telling you to dry clean your wedding dress, but you disagree. After all, you wore it once and you can clean it yourself.

To be clear, we advise against this decision. Any bride that tries to clean their wedding dress will encounter overwhelming obstacles. To counter these thoughts, My Tuesday Wedding is here to tell you why you should always dry clean your wedding dress.



Professional wedding dress cleaners are expertly trained. They undergo weeks of multiple training sessions to perfect their practice. By doing so, they can ensure that your dress maintains its fabric integrity throughout the cleaning process.



Everything is carefully hand-washed. And when we say everything, we mean everything. Hand washing is perfect for wedding dresses because of the delicate materials used to make them. It's a long process but your dress is worth it.



Fabrics react differently to changes in temperature, humidity, solution strength and other factors. My Tuesday Wedding is knowledgeable about fabric care. With that said, if we dry clean your wedding dress, it's very unlikely your dress will shrink, change shape or tear.



We specialise in dry cleaning antique or heirloom wedding dresses. So, if your dress is an altered version of your mother's, we'll know exactly what care it requires. That way, the next generation can wear that wedding dress too.



We're an eco-friendly dry cleaner and strive to be eco-conscious at all times. More importantly, our practices are compliant with all environmental regulations and we employ the use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.