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What is the difference between tailoring and alterations?

Tailoring refers to the process by which a wedding gown is custom-fitted for the wearer. Wedding dress alterations refer to the less extensive changes seamstresses make to the wedding dress so that it changes the way the wedding dress fits in one particular area.

When shopping for your wedding dress you will notice that the sizes are for a general body type, which may not work perfectly for you. If you want to feel great in your wedding gown, then asking for wedding dress alterations will make all the difference.

When did wedding gown alterations first begin?

Before the 12th century garments were generally made from a single piece of cloth and were created for the sole purpose of concealing the body with no interest in style.

During the Renaissance (1300 to 1600 AD) the traditional loose robes worn by everyone began to be styled in shapes that resembled the actual human frame. Over time, this developed into wedding dress alterations whereby persons would specifically shape the wedding dress to fit the wearer’s body type, fashion sense and status.

Presently, most clothing is mass produced and may follow the one-size-fits-all dynamic. Wedding dress alterations ensure that your wedding gown fits perfectly to your body and does not cause any mishaps on your wedding day.