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What is wedding gown preservation?

Wedding gown preservation is the packaging process whereby we carefully pack the dress in a 100% acid-free preservation chest with 100% acid-free tissue paper to protect the dress from long term discolouration.

Why is wedding gown preservation so important?

If you plan to keep your wedding gown as a keepsake, then preserving the dress is paramount. It’s arguably the single most important decision you will make after your wedding regarding your dress.

Many brides will think their dress is fine. Stains that are invisible to the naked eye will elude them. But in a few months, those stains will begin to yellow and darken. This is because all the stains, including the hidden ones can contain sugar which will turn brown over time.

What’s worse is that heat accelerates this process. Meaning that if you got married in the warmer months of the year, your dress is particularly vulnerable. Often brides will wait until after the honeymoon to preserve their dress but we advise that you send it with someone you trust - your mother or maid of honour - as soon as possible to avoid stains setting in.

I live outside British Columbia. How do I find a wedding dress specialist in my area?

Check the Association of Wedding Dress Specialists’ website for professional preservationists in your hometown. Also, try asking bridal stores or expert wedding planners in your community. Lastly, check google reviews and ask recently married couples for recommendations.